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G2.34837/2013/CT 02/07/2015Provisional Seniority List of Lower Division Clerks appointed to the vacancies for the period from 01.04.2010 to 31.12.2013 View
G1 18886/13/CT 23/06/2015Provisional Seniority List of Assistant Commercial Tax Officers for the period from 01.01.2010 to 31.12.2014 View
G2-33000/2014/CT 19/06/2015Provisional Seniority List of UD Typists appointed from 01.01.2010 to 31.12.2014 View
G1-5555/15/CT 19/06/2015Provisional Seniority List of Deputy Commissioners for the period from 01.01.2011 to 31.12.2014 View
30000/14/CT 19/06/2015Provisional Seniority List of Assistant Commissioners for the period from 01.01.2011 to 31.12.2014 View
G2.31785/2014/CT 21/05/2015Provisional Seniority List of Lower Division Typists appointed from 01.04.2010 to 31.12.2013 View
G4.30956/2013/CT 08/04/2015Provisional Seniority List of UD Clerks appointed to the vacancies for the period from 01.01.2011 to 31.12.2013 View
Kerala Gazatte 07/04/2015Select List of Assistant Commercial Tax Officers eligible for promotion to the cadre of Commercial Tax Officer. View
C2-14356/14/CT 12/06/2014Instructions regarding online downloaded Form 15 Delivery note. View
G1.32105/13/CT 21/03/2014Provisional Seniority List of Commercial Taxes Officers appointed for the period from 01.01.2008 to 31.12.2010 View
C3/7834/14/CT 17/03/2014Re-constitution of the Authority for Clarification U/s 94 of the KVAT Act 2003 View
C2-7261/07/CT 23/12/2013Revision of floor rate of Plywood, Block board and flush door kept in abeyance till 31/03/2014 View
C2-31618/13/CT 15/11/2013Consignment shall not be detained solely for reason that sale bill does not accompany the consignment View
C7/14349/2013/CT 19/10/2013misclassification of mouth wash as medicine - verification requested View
C2-7261/07/CT 01/10/2013Revision of floor rate of Plywood, Block board and flush door as per 16/2013 is kept in abeyance till 31-12-2013 View
C2-7261/07/C& 05/09/2013The effective date of implementation of Circular No.16/2013 is from 30.09.2013 View
C2-15221/09/CT 23/08/2013Live chicken floor rate wef 29/08/2013. Live Chicken - Rs.95 per KG, day old chicks - Rs.45 per bird, others Rs.35 per bird View
C3/5152/06/CT 13/08/2013Direction regarding authorising the assessing / appeal filing authority to appear before Hon'ble Tribunal View
32080603803/12-13 18/04/2013Registration issued to Sri. K.G. Muthukumar, M/s. K.G.M. Traders, T.C 41/03/299/2, Panamukku, Nedupuzha, Thrissur (32080603803) is Cancelled wef 18-04-2013 View
32110831315/2012-13 05/04/2013Registration TIN 32110831315 granted to M/s. Siri Tecon, 17/1635 A, Kallai Juma-Ath Palli Committee Building, Kallai, Kozhikode is cancelled wef 05-04-2013 View
32080675061/2013-14 04/04/2013The registration TIN-32080675061 granted to Smt. Reshma Sajeesh, M/S. Saradhi Industries is cancelled wef 04-04-2013 View
32080674137/2012-13 19/03/2013Registration granted to M/S. Variety Marketing, Olarikkara TIN-32080674137 is cancelled wef 19-03-2013 View
32081332061/2011-12 12/03/2013Registration Certificate issued to Sir. Prakasan.T, Gobal Metal Industries - TIN 32081332061C is cancelled wef 01-02-2012 View
B2-747/2013 01/03/2013Suspension of Registration of M/s Dhiya Traders - TIN 32120701266 View
B2-747/13 27/02/2013Suspension of Registration - Parappayil Agencies - TIN 32120534057 View
32080750918C/12-13 22/02/2013registration certificate granted to Sri P.Premkumar, Prop: Sai Trading Company at Mulamkunnathukavu, Thrissur both under KVAT Act and CST Act bearing No. 32080750918 C is cancelled wef 22-02-13 View
B2-747/13 19/02/2013Suspension of Registration - Kairali Traders - TIN 32120512626 View
32110803044/2012-13 14/02/2013Rhe registration granted to M/s. Hindustan Auto Spares, Kifwan Building, 19/1557, Chalappuram, Calicut bearing TIN 32110803044 is cancelled with effect from 31-3-2012 View
32050688207/12/-13 11/02/2013Registration No.32050688207 granted to M/s. ANS Enterprises, College Road, Mariyappally P.O, Kottayam is Cancelled wef 11/02/2013 View
LAW DEPARTMENT 07/01/2013The Kerala Prohibition of Charging Exorbitant Interest Act 2012 View
C4-8688/12/CT 18/06/2012Circular 04/2012 kept in abeyance View
C2/7261/07/CT 31/05/2012Fixation of price for Plywood - Implementation of Circular No.24/2011 is extended until further orders View
C2/11808/11/CT 31/05/2012Revised floor value for tiles, marbles and granites - Implementation of Circular 05/2012 extended until further orders. View
C2/11808/11/CT 30/04/2012implementation of Circular 05/2012 regarding revised floor value for tiles, marbles and granites is further extended up to 31.05.2012. View
C2/7261/07/CT 30/04/2012Circular No. 24/2011 - fixation of price for Plywood - Kept in abeyance upto 31.05.2012 View
C2-15221/09/CT 25/04/2012Live Chicken & Day-old Chicks – Fixation of floor rate from 01-05-2012 View
C2-11808/11/CT 09/04/2012Revised floor rate in respect of Tiles, Marbles, Granites - kept in abeyance upto 30-04-2012 View
C2/7261/07/CT 31/03/2012Revised floor rate in respect of Plywood kept in abeyance upto 30.04.2012 View
C4-8688/12/CT 17/03/2012Circular No. 04/2012 Kept in abeyance till 31-03-2012 View
C2/7261/07/CT 29/02/2012Revised floor rate in respect of Plywood - Kept in abeyance upto 31.03.2012 View
C2/7261/07/CT 31/01/2012Revised floor rate in respect of Plywood - kept in abeyance upto 29.02.2012 View
C2-7261/07/CT 31/12/2011Circular 24/2011 - Revised floor rate in respect of Plywood - implementation - kept in abeyance up to 31.01.12 View
C2/7261/07/CT 30/11/2011Revised Floor rate of plywood - Implementation of Circular No. 24/2011 is kept in abeyance till 31-12-2011 View
C4-24752/11/CT 20/09/2011e-filing of Form 8FA - Certain instructions issued - Regarding. View
C1-2526/10/CT 16/09/2011Circular No.08/2011 - Issuance of Manual Forms under CST Act – Further instruction – reg. View
C2/11808/11/CT 29/07/2011Live Chicken – Revision of Floor rate fixed - Orders issued View
LEGAL DEPARTMENT 12/07/2011Lottery Amendment Act 2011 View
.C2-13255/06/CT 17/03/2011Fixation of sale value arecanut / betelnut – Erratum View
C7-35412/10/CT 16/01/2011Commercial Taxes Department - List of Meritorious Service Award winners. View
GO Rt(No) 07/2011/TD04/01/2011Commercial Taxes Department - Administrative Sanction for giving award to the officials and saction for expenditure - Accorded View
G4-29015/08/CT 20/07/2010SENIORITY LIST OF UD CLERKS View
C2-13255/06/CT 09/02/2010Fixation of Sale value Arecanut / Betelnut - reg. View
a 29/07/2009Transfer AC View
A8.300/08 13/01/2009TRANSFER & POSTING OF CTO's View


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